21 Jan 2014

Painting of Guru Gobind Singh ji whileTrip to Amritsar and some fake tattoos for fun

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Painting of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Painting Guru Gobind Singh Ji
This trip to Amritsar on Lohri was extremely overwhelming and remembrable !  Have initiated  Wall painting of Shri Guru Gobind Singh, which i had planned since long. Making this painting in my Mother's room and plan is to cover whole wall of size 11 ft x 13 ft. Painting you see here is still in progress and yet needs to add lot of details and ornaments. Rest of the space on wall i have plan to cover it with Fort of Anandpur Sahib - Qila Anandgarh. Will work again on this in my next trip.
To see more wall paintings done by me, please log on to my website www.tattooinindia.com or www.TATTOO.org.in  Some are here at the bottom of this post as well.
Kids sitting are my nephews, sitting so quietly, but are very notorious indeed:) They made some fake tattoos on their hand which was real fun!
Lohri is a winter festival, full of fun for kids and youths. After Deepawali, Lohri is the second biggest/ famous festival of Amritsar, and my favorite also.
Flying kites is great fun, and that you need to experience on your own, especially on Lohri. Others states celebrate this festival as Makar Sakranti.  
Lohri in Amritsar
Lohri in Amritsar

My nephew enjoying Kites on Lohri.

Guru Gobind Singh ji Painting
Guru Gobind Singh Painting

 Me working on Wall Painting of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Another 3D Wall Painting done by me at our Gurgaon Tattoo Studio:
3D Wall Paintings, Wall Tattoos
3D Wall Painting

Me making Wall Painting :
Famous in Gurgaon
Satty Tattoo Artist

Wall Paintings, Wall Tattoos
for Wall Paintings in Delhi Gurgaon

Wall Paintings, Wall Tattoos
For Wall Paintings in Delhi Gurgaon

Wall Paintings, Wall Tattoos, Wall Art, Wall Paintings Delhi
Wall Painting in my Bedroom
 Here is another Wall Painting i made in my Bedroom. Small painting, which was really good fun for me and my wife to utilize some free time at home.
Warrior Wall Painting

Warrior Wall Painting : This warrior wall painting i made took lot of time. Being from warrior family background, i had a special interest in this painting. Tried giving all small details and as much time as needed. Had kept the height of this painting same as mine, that is 5'5". This is a Native American Warrior painting in my room at Delhi. 

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