21 Jul 2018

Full Back Tattoo : At Best Price !

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Full Back Tattoo Design
Hi Friends,
This is for tattoo lovers who wants to get big size tattoos.

Covering whole back with permanent tattoo is surely a unique concept to carry this art on you for rest of your life.
Here is a rough sketch i made for full back and want to do this tattoo. Price : We want to add full back tattoos in our collection, so will surely give you the best price.

Please feel free to contact us (+91 8826602967) and schedule you visit to our studio for discussion. 

Lion Tattoo, Leo Tattoo, Full Back tattoo, big tattoo, tattoo artist for full back
Lion Tattoo Full Back
Have made this another full back lion tattoo design today.
Lion tattoo mainly represents strength, courage, royalty, family; one of the best concept to carry it as permanent art on you for rest of your life.

Why these designs for full back : 
1) Since I have already spend some well four hours in sketching each of these designs, so will be able to quickly transfer this to skin. When working on big projects like to cover full arm or full back, time is a major concern. 

2) Since we want to add these designs in our website collection, so will be making each of these designs once only (with best price), so this is the opportunity for tattoo lovers to get full back tattoo.

I have my account on Instagram and am active there. Please add me @satty_artist for latest updates.

Will keep updating this blog with more designs.

Thanks & Regards,

Angel Tattoo Design Studio - web : www.tattooinindia.com - Ph : 8826602967

18 Jul 2018

Tattoo Training Classes : Batch 2018

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Tattoo Making Class

Hi Friends, With tattooing becoming more and more acceptable in India, we see big demand of good tattoo artists in industry. Considering this, we at Angel Tattoo Design studio are proving tattoo training courses. 

We use latest tattoo techniques and have well maintained class room/ separate space for students who join us for training. Tattoo training is under my personal guidance and my co artists . 

Presently we are running second batch of 2018, and have capacity to attend 10 students in one batch. With 400 Sq Feet working area of our studio, we are also working to add more 250 sq feet in very recent coming time; which will enable us to attend more clients and students.

Please contact us or visit our website to know basic details about complete training course. You are welcome to visit our studio to check step by step stage of tattooing

Best Regards,
Angel Tattoo Design Studio - web : www.tattooinindia.com - Ph : 88266 02967

Anchor Tattoo Design and Meaning

anchor tattoo, anchor tattoo design, anchor tattoo meaning
Anchor Tattoo
Anchor tattoos are in trend since long time.
Its a meaningful tattoo, mainly represents strength and reliability. Stability is also anchor tattoo is related to. Regardless one is related to marine life or not, you can go for an anchor tattoo. We have huge collection of anchor tattoo designs, and this is a design which can be made in very small size to medium size which makes it more comfortable with people looking for small size tattoos.
Did this Anchor tattoo last week, where client was wanting to add his family members names in the design. We helped the client to choose design, also worked different fonts for his family names.

Since grey wash/shading tattoos are taking front seat against black tattoos, so did this tattoo with black and grey shading. It took approx 2 hour. Price : It depends upon mainly on size, and bit on kind of design you choose. You can plan an anchor tattoo in price range Rs 2000 to 12000 unless you are looking for a full forearm theme or a big bicep piece. Visiting tattoo studio will be helpful.
Please feel free to contact us if you want a small to medium size tattoo and we will sure help you with design of your choice. You can also carry your own design if have any.

Thanks and Regards,
Angel Tattoo Design Studio - web : www.tattooinindia.com - Ph : +91 8826602967