21 Jul 2018

Full Back Tattoo : At Best Price !

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Full Back Tattoo Design
Hi Friends,
This is for tattoo lovers who wants to get big size tattoos.

Covering whole back with permanent tattoo is surely a unique concept to carry this art on you for rest of your life.
Here is a rough sketch i made for full back and want to do this tattoo. Price : We want to add full back tattoos in our collection, so will surely give you the best price.

Please feel free to contact us (+91 8826602967) and schedule you visit to our studio for discussion. 

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Lion Tattoo Full Back
Have made this another full back lion tattoo design today.
Lion tattoo mainly represents strength, courage, royalty, family; one of the best concept to carry it as permanent art on you for rest of your life.

Why these designs for full back : 
1) Since I have already spend some well four hours in sketching each of these designs, so will be able to quickly transfer this to skin. When working on big projects like to cover full arm or full back, time is a major concern. 

2) Since we want to add these designs in our website collection, so will be making each of these designs once only (with best price), so this is the opportunity for tattoo lovers to get full back tattoo.

I have my account on Instagram and am active there. Please add me @satty_artist for latest updates.

Will keep updating this blog with more designs.

Thanks & Regards,

Angel Tattoo Design Studio - web : www.tattooinindia.com - Ph : 8826602967

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