29 Aug 2018

Tattoo Training Course : 3rd Batch starting on 1st Oct 2018

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Tattoo Training Institute
Hello Friends, 
With tattoo culture taking new heights in India, we are running a tattoo training institute in Gurgaon. 

3rd and last batch of current year is planned to start on 1st October. So please contact us and avail this facility if you are planing to become a tattoo artist and take this art as profession.

Tattoo training classroom is updated with latest technology, machines, needles, inks and artificial skins. 

Course is for 3 month duration, regular classes (from 11 am to 3 pm) and cost of whole 3 month package including all material student will use during 3 month course is Rs 80'000 (year 2018).

Please visit our website www.tattooinindia.com/tattoo-training for basic details and plan your visit to understand whole process before registration.

We are planing limited seats in 3rd batch, so contact us and register yourself in advance at the earliest.  

Location : Gurgaon (India)
Hostel facility available for out stationed students.

Angel Tattoo Design Studio - web : www.tattooinindia.com - Ph : 88266 02967

Making his very first permanent tattoo : Big day for Mr Balaji !

tattoo training
Tattoo Training

Hello Friends !

 Let me have the pleasure to introduce my student Mr Balaji, who is going through tattoo training course with us. 

Balaji is basically from Kerala, and he is part of running 2nd batch of current year 2018.

He has successfully achieved good results on artificial skin; which is a process to learn tattoo machine settings and much more, and now will be making permanent tattoos on real skin. These tattoos will be made in presence of me and is part of the tattoo training course. These are free of cost tattoos and students make these tattoos on each other or on their friends or family members.

Today, being very first tattoo of Balaji, which he is making on his classmate Deepon, is a big day for him.

Whole this week was very progressive for second batch as one more student Satyam also promoted to make tattoos and made his
tattoo training classes
Tattoo Training - Class
first tattoo in this week.

Please join me to wish Balaji is success on this never ending path of  learning this art. 

3rd and last batch of year 2018 will start on 1st October. Please visit page www.tattooinindia.com/tattoo-training for details and contact us for registration.

Thanks & Regards,
Angel Tattoo Design Studio - web : www.tattooinindia.com - Ph : 88266 02967

19 Aug 2018

Life in Gurgaon : Some of my experiences !

Hello Friends, This is Satty and here i'll be sharing a good experience with Gurgaon in a short note.

Its been sharp one year I've moved to Gurgaon, though am operating my tattoo studio here since 5+ years. With my own built house in South West Delhi, moving to Gurgaon on rented place was not a very pleasant feeling. I was used to drive from Delhi to Gurgaon with almost 1 hour one way drive. Going back to home sometime was really life taking with traffic jam from Iffco Chowk to my way home. 
Anchor Tattoo
Anchor Tattoo

To cut this travelling time, now I have moved to a place just walking distance from my studio. Not only it saved my valuable two hours per day, also helped me to utilize the energy in my work. Tattooing, though looks cool, but indeed is a very energy consuming job, and needs good physical strength. I managed to cut down my weight by 10 Kg and maintaining myself now at 70kg. This ultimately helped me to work on big size tattoos where we sometime work on client for more than 6 hours in one session, and again have some appointments or walkins to attend next day.

With extra energy and time, i could work more on art in this year 2018. This all truly helped me to take my art one step up.

Highly in demand, it was little difficult to find rented place suitable for family in my budget of 20K, so had to spend little more. But all it was worth as i see my art going in good direction with time and energy i'hv bought, though feelings of missing your own home is priceless.

Here are some of my recent tattoos of year 2018, for latest work by me, you can please find me on instagram by id www.instagram.com/satty_artist   OR please visit our website www.tattooinindia.com

Life in Girgaon, Gurgaon life
Life in Gurgaon

Tattoo Gurgaon
Tattoo Gurgaon
tattoo shop gurgaon
Tattoo Shop-Gurgaon

Tattoo Shop Gurgaon
Tattoo Shop Gurgaon


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Lion Tattoo Gurgaon

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