29 Aug 2018

Making his very first permanent tattoo : Big day for Mr Balaji !

tattoo training
Tattoo Training

Hello Friends !

 Let me have the pleasure to introduce my student Mr Balaji, who is going through tattoo training course with us. 

Balaji is basically from Kerala, and he is part of running 2nd batch of current year 2018.

He has successfully achieved good results on artificial skin; which is a process to learn tattoo machine settings and much more, and now will be making permanent tattoos on real skin. These tattoos will be made in presence of me and is part of the tattoo training course. These are free of cost tattoos and students make these tattoos on each other or on their friends or family members.

Today, being very first tattoo of Balaji, which he is making on his classmate Deepon, is a big day for him.

Whole this week was very progressive for second batch as one more student Satyam also promoted to make tattoos and made his
tattoo training classes
Tattoo Training - Class
first tattoo in this week.

Please join me to wish Balaji is success on this never ending path of  learning this art. 

3rd and last batch of year 2018 will start on 1st October. Please visit page www.tattooinindia.com/tattoo-training for details and contact us for registration.

Thanks & Regards,
Angel Tattoo Design Studio - web : www.tattooinindia.com - Ph : 88266 02967

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