8 Jan 2015

Ear Piercing in Gurgaon - Shops/ Cost/ Safe after care and types of Ear Piercings

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Ear Piercing is the most basic piercing, and mostly the first piercing anyone would likely go with. Though we have different piercing names for different parts of ear, but Earlobe piercing is commonly known as ear piercing in Gurgaon.

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Ear Piercing Shop in Gurgaon
Ear Piercing Shop in Gurgaon
Earlobe is the most safe part of the ear to pierce through as it do not have any cartilage, bone or major blood veins. Moreover this ear piercing needs least time for body to heal completely. Though healing time may change from person to person depending upon individuals healing power or lifestyle, weather/ climate, but earlobe piercings normally heals within 10 to 20 days if done professionally taking good care of piercing safety standards like sterilization, ear piercing jewellery etc.

Safe Ear Piercing Shop in Gurgaon
Safe Ear Piercing Shop in Gurgaon

In this post we will discuss in detail about types of ear piercings, methods in trend in Gurgaon City to perform piercing. We will also detail how to take good care of ear piercing. Cost of ear Piercing in Gurgaon for different parts of ear to guide you.
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Cost of Ear Piercing Shop in Gurgaon
Cost of Ear Piercing in Gurgaon
Cost of ear piercing in Gurgaon depends upon which part of the ear has to be pierced. Basic earlobe piercing is the least expensive piercing at Angel Tattoo Design Studio in Gurgaon and will cost you just Rs 300 for one side of ear including the jewellery (price per rate list year 2014).
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Here in this post we will discuss each kind of ear piercing individually with its approximate cost, time needs for healing and kind of jewellery in trend :
Types of ear piercings, Different types of Ear Piercings
Types of Ear Piercings

This image on the left shows different types of ear piercings with marking on each part of ear with name of the part for easy understanding. This image includes almost al types of ear piercings we are performing these days in our shops.

Now is the time to discuss each type of piercing in detail :-
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1st : Earlobe Piercing
Earlobe Piercing, Ear-Lobe Piercing-Gurgaon
Ear-Lobe Piercing Gurgaon
Ear Lobe / Earlobe piercing : As already mentioned, most common and easiest piercing is the earlobe piercing.  It is so common that Ear piercing stands for earlobe piercing in general. Earlobe is the most bottom part of the ear, do not have any bone-cartilage or major blood veins, easy to puncture and heal, also least painful piercing. Image on the left shows earlobe part.
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Here are some more pictures of Earlobe piercings done by me at our Shop :
Ear Piercing Shop in Gurgaon
Ear Piercing Shop Gurgaon

This customer had her earlobe piercing which healed nicely, and then she visited us for Conch and Helix Piercings.

Earlobe Piercing in Gurgaon
Earlobe Piercing Gurgaon
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This Earlobe piercing I did on one of my friend Tattoo Artist Robby in year 2010. A pencil animal portrait at background is what I was working on that day.  

Ear-Eyebrow Piercing Shop in Gurgaon
Ear-Earlobe Piercing Shop Gurgaon

This customer got Earlobe, Rim and Eyebrow piercing from me on the same day. Got his both ear pierced, and after that he made his mind to go with eyebrow piercing also. This is an example that piercing is done properly is not a painful process !

Though earlobe is the first piercing anyone would like to go with, but you should take care of few things even for this basic piercing. Firstly, for Men, go for left earlobe piercing in case you are planing to get only one side ear pierced. Though there is no hard and fast rule about it, but man with only right earlobe piercing is seen as supporting homosexuality.
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Tragus Piercing, Tragus Piercing in Gurgaon
Tragus Piercing Gurgaon 

2nd : Tragus Piercing
Tragus piercing is taking trend. Now we have customers often making queries about Tragus Piercing in our Gurgaon shop. Image on the left shows which part of the ear is called Tragus. Tragus piercing should be done by a specialist only.

Tragus Piercing Shop in Gurgaon
Tragus Piercing

Here again me performing Tragus piercing on my friend artist Robby in year 2010. (image on the left).

As each body is unique, so earlobe shape and size also varies from person to person. Apparently I had a walk-in customer who was looking for Tragus piercing in Gurgaon and somehow found our shop. When I looked at her ear, she hardly had any Tragus ! Piercing on undeveloped tragus can be a painful process as jewellery will need much long time to make space against the wall of skin just at the bottom of the tragus, so we had to suggest her to go for some other piercing and she opted to go with Helix piercing which healed safely on her.
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Anti-Tragus Piercing, Anti-Tragus Piercing in Gurgaon
Anti-Tragus Piercing Gurgaon

3rd : Anti Tragus Piercing

Just opposite to the Tragus is Anti-Tragus piercing. Image here show with a sketch that which part of ear is known as Anti Tragus. A small size of ring really look nice on Anti-Tragus piercing.

Conch Piercing, Conch Piercing in Gurgaon
Conch Piercing Gurgaon

4th : Conch Piercing

Conch is the inner cartilage of the ear, also some time called as Cartilage piercing. A small stud with pearl is what you can easly carry on Conch Piercing.

Conch Piercing
Conch Piercing gurgaon

Image on the right shows the Conch piercing on our customer. Its a healed piercing here she is wearing a gold triangular stud.
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Helix Piercing, Helix Piercing Gurgaon
Helix Piercing Gurgaon

  5th : Helix Piercing

Helix is the outer and upper rim of the ear. Picture on the left  shows which part of the ear is called Helix. A person can even go for multiple helix piercing on one ear, but I personally recommend to go for one Helix piercing at one time, and once it is healed, you can plan for the second one as helix piercings can take more time to heal.
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Industrial Piercing, Industrial Piercing Shop in Gurgaon
Industrial Piercing Gurgaon

6th : Industrial Piercing

As sounds from its name, Industrial Piercing is the biggest piercing we can do on the ear. It can be done in different ways, and one and most common is to pass a bar through two different points of ear rim as shown in the image on the left. This is a different-uncommon piercing and really look cool if it suits to your profession. Another way to pass the bar from Tragus to Conch which is more like a horizontal bar across the ear. Vertical Industrial piercings are rare.  

Inner Helix Piercing, Inner Helix Piercing in Gurgaon
Inner Helix Piercing Gurgaon

7th : Inner Helix Piercing

Inner Helix piercing is same as Helix or Rim piercing, but just slightly at the front rim of the ear. Image on the left shows with marking of which part of the ear is Inner Helix.

Snug Piercing, Snug Piercing Gurgaon
Snug Piercing
  8th : Snug Piercing

Snug, some time confused with conch piercing is an uncommon ear piercing. Image on the left will help you with marking of snug on ear.

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Apart from these ear piercings, gauging will also be in demand in Gurgaon in coming time.

As this is a complete guide on ear piercing, so we will also touch the topic of Precautions artist should take before-during piercing which will help you to find safe ear piercing shop near you :

- First and foremost, always get piercing from professional rather than going with traditional techniques.
- For all or any kind of ear piercings, do not go with Gun Shot method of piercing. It has many drawbacks and even banned in some countries.
- Piercing with Body Piercing Single use needles is the best way to perform ear piercing. Body piercing needs are available with Piercing Shops and they are seal packed with sterilization procedure and date on them. Ensure to use single-use needle.
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I also sometime asked by my customers that which season is good for Ear piercing, should we go for piercing in Winters, Summer or Spring..  Is it safe to get ear piercing in raining season ?

Though winters and springs are better season for Ear Piercing, per my experience, its life style which matters more than the season. Some one with official work, or spending most of the time indoor can have the piercing any time in the year. So as far as you can keep your fresh piercing clear, avoid pollution, dust in starting days of healing, you can have ear piercing any time in the year.

Kind of jewellery for Ear Piercing : When it is a fresh piercing, its more important that jewellery is of good quality rather that wearing stylish brand. Surgical Steel (316-L) metal is good for fresh piercing jewellery.

Price for Ear Piercings : Price of ear piercing changes with the kind of Piercing. Earlobe piercing may will you rs 300 to rs 500 for one side. Tragus approx cost will be Rs 800 to Rs 1000.
Industrial piercing is the most expensive ear piercing and can cost you upto Rs 1500. Conch, Helix will cost between Rs 300 to Rs 600.
Prices of piercing in Gurgaon may will change from Shop to Shop and with time too. Prices also changes with the kind of jewellery is available with piercing shop, expensive jewellery will surely result in more price.
Again, before price, safety is what is more important when we talk about body-ear piercing. There might be some traditional local gold-smiths doing the piercings just in few Rupees, but saving money is not the priority here. What we are focusing here is advance and safe piercing in Gurgaon.

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Precautions Post Ear Piercing :
- Most important is to keep the piercing as clean as possible. Avoid dust and long out-door days during piercing is under healing.
- Do Not touch the piercing until unless it is really necessary to. And ensure to sanitize your hand properly before you touch the ear piercing.
- Expose the piercing to fresh air on regular basis, especially if you have long hairs, ensure you keep your ear uncovered for as much time as you can (when you are indoor or in clean atmosphere)

visit Angel Tattoo Design Studio in Gurgaon - web : www.tattooinindia.com  or call us at 88266 02967 to know more about Ear Piercings in Gurgaon

5 Jan 2015

Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs, Shiv Shankar Tattoo Designs,Bhole Nath Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs
For Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs
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Lord Shiva is one of my favourite Tattoo design concept. Lord Shiva has special respect in Hindu religion and is source of motivation for living beings even in modern age of India. As per Hinduism, Shiva is part of the chain of life cycle of the universe, and has an important role in making balance in the life cycle.

Shiva is full of mystery, and has many avatars. Lord Shiva most of the time is seen sitting calm in meditation, with very few cloths or fur to cover the body, lots of Rudraksh garlands and snakes around his neck and arms. Shiva's hairs are shown in the form of Jata, This avatar of Shiva is full of peace and can be drawn on body in a tattoo form.

In this mudra, Shiva is wearing vibhuti/rakh on his bare skin, which again symbolises Yog-meditation.

Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs, Shiv Shankar Tattoo Designs,Bhole Nath Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs
For Lord Shiv Shankar Tattoo Designs
Hindu God Shiva is also known with many different names, like Bhole Nath means Innocent God. Shiv Shankar, Kailash Nath as mountain Kailash was the home place of Shiva.

Lord Shiva smoking a cigar tattoo is in trend these days, though it is said that Lord Shiva was not used to smoke at all. Lord Shiva shown with cigar is just a thought which took a shape with time. Also per my discussion with one devote, Lord Shiva indeed was not used to take any intoxicant at all, and stories made are just myths.

Lord Shiva with Bull can be a good tattoo design, especially for biceps or forearm. Bull named Nandi was always with Shiva. Devotion of Nandi can be shown in this Tattoo.

Ganesha was son of Lord Shiva, and making tattoo of Shiva with Ganesha design can results in an interesting tattoo concept. or whole Shiva family tattoo design can be made

Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs, Shiv Shankar Tattoo Designs,Bhole Nath Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs
For Om-Shiva Tattoo Designs
When Lord Shiva is in anger, he is shown doing Tandav- a dance of anger. Shiva standing on one leg and holding trishul mudra can be captured in Tattoo Design..

Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs, Shiv Shankar Tattoo Designs,Bhole Nath Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs
For Lord-Shiva-Tandav Tattoo Designs

At Angel Tattoo Design Studio - Gurgaon and Delhi : India, we have treasure of Lord Shiva tattoo designs for you to choose from. Please visit our studio, or call us at 88266 02967 or visit website www.tattooinindia.com to know more.

This post is under construction and will be updated with more information

You can also please visit my personal website www.sattyink.com

Update :
 Trishul also symbolises lord shiva, trishul tattoo design are also very much in trend. 

trishul tattoo, trishul tattoo design, trishul tattoo on forearm, shiva tattoo
Trishul Tattoo

2 Jan 2015

Trishul Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Trishul Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs, Shiva-Trishul Tattoo Designs
For Trishul Tattoo Designs
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Trishul is a very Hindu religious tattoo design. Trishul (trident) tattoos are generally related to Lord Shiva, as Lord Shiva always had a Trishul in his hand which also represents importance of weapon in Hindu religion. Shiva, being one of the prime God in Hindus, have major role in shaping the methodology of Hindu religion. Trishul is also a symbol of importance of self defence in old and modern age.
(visit www.tattooinindia.com to know more; ph: 88266 02967 Gurgaon Delhi-India)

Word Trishul is sanskrit word, and born with combination of two small words 1st : "Tri" meaning 3 or three  + 2nd 'Shul' meaning spear or throne. So trishul is a weapon made combining 3 spears or 3 thrones.

Trishul Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs, Shiva-Trishul Tattoo Designs
For Trishul-Shiva Tattoo Designs
Also three spears used in making of Lord Shiva's Trishul have different meaning from culture to culture or changing with time to time ; for example, three spears are some time said to be three phases of time, like first is past, middle one is present and third one is future.
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Same way three points of Trishul are also said to be symbol (for universe) of Creation, Protection and Destruction.

Whatever the story it may be attached with, but in India and Hindus, Trishul is a symbol of Lord Shiva, and wearer of trishul tattoo is seen a follower or has deep faith in Lord Shiva.

Trishul tattoo designs can be made in small size, so they are good for beginners. Also religious tattoos are always in trend.

Trishul Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs, OM-Trishul Tattoo Designs
For OM-Trishul Tattoo Designs

Om with Trishul is good concept to combine two symbols and making a unique tattoo design of OM Trishul Tattoo.


trishul tattoo, trishul tattoo on forearm
Trishul tattoo on forearm

Trishul tattoo made on forearm at Gurgaon tattoo shop

trishul tattoo, trishul with om tattoo, trishul tattoo on neck
Trishul tattoo on neck

Trishul with OM tattoo made on neck at gurgaon tattoo center

om trishul tattoo,om tattoo, trishul tattoo
Small Om Trishul Tattoo

Small Om Trishul tattoo with small ganesh design made at gurgaon shop; call 8826602967 for appointment

Trishul mixed with design OM and Maa tattoo made at Gurgaon shop.

visit website www.tattooinindia.com to know and see more about Trishul tattoo designs or Call 88266 02967 - Angel Tattoo Design Studio  - Delhi and Gurgaon : India

Best Trishul-Hindu Tattoo Designs
For Best Trishul-Hindu Tattoo Design

Trishul Tattoo Designs for Men
For Trishul Tattoo Designs for Men
 Please note this post is yet under construction and will be updated with more information and designs of trishul very soon