2 Jan 2015

Trishul Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Trishul Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs, Shiva-Trishul Tattoo Designs
For Trishul Tattoo Designs
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Trishul is a very Hindu religious tattoo design. Trishul (trident) tattoos are generally related to Lord Shiva, as Lord Shiva always had a Trishul in his hand which also represents importance of weapon in Hindu religion. Shiva, being one of the prime God in Hindus, have major role in shaping the methodology of Hindu religion. Trishul is also a symbol of importance of self defence in old and modern age.
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Word Trishul is sanskrit word, and born with combination of two small words 1st : "Tri" meaning 3 or three  + 2nd 'Shul' meaning spear or throne. So trishul is a weapon made combining 3 spears or 3 thrones.

Trishul Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs, Shiva-Trishul Tattoo Designs
For Trishul-Shiva Tattoo Designs
Also three spears used in making of Lord Shiva's Trishul have different meaning from culture to culture or changing with time to time ; for example, three spears are some time said to be three phases of time, like first is past, middle one is present and third one is future.
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Same way three points of Trishul are also said to be symbol (for universe) of Creation, Protection and Destruction.

Whatever the story it may be attached with, but in India and Hindus, Trishul is a symbol of Lord Shiva, and wearer of trishul tattoo is seen a follower or has deep faith in Lord Shiva.

Trishul tattoo designs can be made in small size, so they are good for beginners. Also religious tattoos are always in trend.

Trishul Tattoo Designs, Hindu Tattoo Designs, OM-Trishul Tattoo Designs
For OM-Trishul Tattoo Designs

Om with Trishul is good concept to combine two symbols and making a unique tattoo design of OM Trishul Tattoo.


trishul tattoo, trishul tattoo on forearm
Trishul tattoo on forearm

Trishul tattoo made on forearm at Gurgaon tattoo shop

trishul tattoo, trishul with om tattoo, trishul tattoo on neck
Trishul tattoo on neck

Trishul with OM tattoo made on neck at gurgaon tattoo center

om trishul tattoo,om tattoo, trishul tattoo
Small Om Trishul Tattoo

Small Om Trishul tattoo with small ganesh design made at gurgaon shop; call 8826602967 for appointment

Trishul mixed with design OM and Maa tattoo made at Gurgaon shop.

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Best Trishul-Hindu Tattoo Designs
For Best Trishul-Hindu Tattoo Design

Trishul Tattoo Designs for Men
For Trishul Tattoo Designs for Men
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