6 Mar 2013

Gemini Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Gemini Tattoo Designs, Meaning of Gemini tattoos
Gemini Tattoo Design
Gemini is the third out of 12 Zodiac signs which commences on may-20 and lasts till Jun-20.
All Zodiac systems are based on the fact that at the time of birth,  position of different planets makes a significance impact in personality of a person through his life. 360 degree rotation of earth around sun is divided in 12 quadrants of 30 degree and each quadrant is given some name..i.e.. starting from 60 to 90 is Gemini.

Ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury and it is represented by twins.

People taking birth in this quadrant are considered having dual personalities, and can have change in mood very frequently.
Gemini Tattoo Designs
For Gemini Tattoo Designs

Getting a tattoo of your Zodiac sign is always interesting. Also if it's your first tattoo, then its easier to decide on your tattoo design with a Zodiac sign. Another good thing about zodiac sign tattoos is that they can be made in a very small size, so best deal for the beginners who wants to have a small piece of art, with meaning of Gemini on their body.
Gemini tattoo designs are available in various sizes and can be made from a very simple black tattoo to a big shading or colour tattoo.
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