21 May 2018

Tattoo Training ; Running 2nd Batch 2018

With tattoo art becoming more acceptable every where now, we can see high demand of good tattoo artists in India.

At presently, we are running tattoo training of 2nd batch of 2018 where I have 4 students joined our School-Institute in Gurgaon to learn this art.

1) Deepon has come all the way from Manipur to attend the tattoo making classes. He has immense affinity for this art.

2) Bala Ji : Bala Ji is basically from Kerala (Cochi), and is working with a MNC in gurgaon. While his stay in this part of India, he is very much interested in learning how to make permanent tattoo.

3) Ajit : Ajit is from Gurgaon itself, and he is a Mehndi (Hina) artist which is his family business. Along with Hina, he wants to start making permanent tattoos also as many of his clients usually shows interest in permanent tattoos also.

4) Satyam : Satyam has joined us this week only, and he has come from Meerut (Uttar Pradesh). His is the youngest one of the batch, but most ambitious. He has just completed his senior scondary, and want to do this professional course along with his further study.

Please join me to wish them all the very best for their bright future.

And if you want to join tattoo course by us, you can please call us at 8826602967  or visit us for complete details. Meanwhile please visit our website www.tattoo-training-courses.com/

Here is a quick video of running batch in action :

Angel Tattoo Design Studio - web : www.tattooinindia.com - Ph : 88266 02967

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