29 Jul 2017

Sally Nassar : What made her fly 1000 miles to India !

Sally Nassar, Tattoo Training Center, Tattoo Training Courses, Sally Nassar Tattoo Artist
Sally Nassar
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Sally Nassar : What made her fly 1000 miles to India !

Sally hails from Egypt- Cairo, and while being a working individual, she took out time from her busy life to weave a beautiful dream; dream to work on one of the most unique art, and that's Tattooing.

Adventure seems inherent to her, so choice to work was obvious as adventures as like to ink real human skin using needles!

She put some initial efforts in contacting some tattoo studios near by and globally, managed to  buy a tattoo learning kit to practice on her own. Since aim was high, she kept on gathering useful information about tattooing, and managed to keep some portion from monthly savings to join a 'Tattoo Training Courses'.

Tattoo Training Center, Tattoo Making Classes, Sally Nassar
Sally Nassar
June 2017 was finally a month when she approached "Angel Tattoo Design Studio" in India and decided to join Tattoo learning classes offered.

In no time, or time itself made her to fly to India with earliest available vacations from her office life.

At 'Angel Tattoo Design Studio', Sally was observed as a proactive and well organised person. Valuing her own and other's time, she went through tattoo making training along with three more students Nidhin Antony, Suraj and Shan.

Under guidance of tattoo professional, she was given basic details about tattooing to assemble machines and gradually was promoted to make tattoo on artificial skins.

Tattoo Learning Classes, Tattoo Courses, Tattoo Institute
Sally Nasar
With satisfactory results on knowledge about tattoo equipment, tattoo designing, stencil making machines and much more, and repeated long practice on artificial skin, she made her first tattoo under strict guidance of staff  'Angel Tattoo Design Studio'.

We wish her all the very best for her long journey with art of Tattooing, and wish to see her working as a guest artist when ever visiting India.

Tattoo Training Classes, tattoo Training courses

Sally Nassar and Nidhin Antony practicing tattoo making during a class at Angel Tattoo Design Studio

Tattoo Training Institute
Tattoo Training Institute 

Sally making her very first tattoo at institute by Angel Tattoo Design Studio.

For joining Tattoo Training courses, please call us at 88266 02967. you can also please visit official website of Angel Tattoo Design Studio www.tattooinindia.com/tattoo-training for details.
Also please visit website to see tattoo work by Sally Nassar and other students.

 Sally making her very first Tattoo !

Initial Tattoos By Sally Nassar

Tattoo Training, Tattoo Making Classes
1st Tattoo by Sally

Tattoo training in india
Tattoo During Training

Tattoo Training Class, Tattoo making classes, tattoo training
Tattoo Training Class

Tattoo Training in india
Tattoo Training 
 You can also please visit my personal website www.sattyink.com/tattoo-training

Angel Tattoo Design Studio - web : www.tattooinindia.com - Ph : 88266 02967

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