30 Jul 2017

Suraj Joshi : What was thought, is given realism - Tattoo Making Classes

Tattoo Making Classes, Suraj Joshi
Suraj Joshi
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Suraj Joshi : What was thought, is given realism - Tattoo Making Classes

I remember Suraj dropping in our studio on a busy weekend, and casually mentioned about his interest in learning permanent tattoo making. It was sounding as an abstract thought, and had a long way to give it a real shape !

Two week later he approached us once again and made us clear that he is truly willing to join tattoo training courses. He is working with a MNC in Gurgaon, and had only Saturday and Sunday to join tattoo making classes. 
Tattoo Training Courses, Tattoo Training Institute
Suraj during Tattoo Learning with other students

Like most of the working students we attend, he managed to submit his tattoo course fee from his own monthly salary savings, and managed attending classes at every possible day from his busy city life.

Since Suraj was able to attend classes only 2 days a week, our team extended full cooperation and didn't fixed any time line for him to complete the tattoo training.

We found him an energetic person with good team spirit who was always ready to help other students to speedup their learning.

Tattoo making Classes, Tattoo courses
(Suraj tattooing on Artificial Skin placed on me)
With basic details about needles, machines, inks and stencil making practice, he was made to practice on artificial skin to get good control on technique, and to understand machine settings and fine details about tattooing.

Under proper guidance, he started making basic tattoos on real skin.

Tattoo Training Courses
(Very First tattoo by Suraj in progress)

Tattoo making courses
Tattoo Making

Tattoo training institute
Tattoo Training 

Tattoo made by Suraj during training

Tattoo School, Tattoo making classes
Tattoo Training Classes

Some more tattoos and other work done during tattoo training classes :
Tattoo courses in India
Tattoo Training Courses

Tattoo Making Classes
Tattoo Making Classes

Contact us at Angel Tattoo Design Studio - Ph : 88266 02967 for complete details about tattoo training courses and fee structure. Basic to advance tattoo training courses are available. or visit our website for more details : www.tattooinindia.com/tattoo-training

Best Tattoo Making Classes/courses
Tattoo making classes

Tattoo Training Courses
Tattoo Training Courses

You can also please visit my personal website www.sattyink.com/tattoo-training

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