1 Feb 2013

Body Piercing Culture in India : Piercings Methods, Aftercare, Shops, Jewelry in India : Gurgaon Delhi-NCR

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Body Piercing is an old art to decorate the body, and used by human beings since ages. Almost all cultures all around the world support piercing art in some or the other form.In India, body piercings is famous with all religions, villages, cities and tribes. It is also a part of custom in many cultures where girl children's earlobe piercing is done at very  early age, some time at the age of just 5.

Places for Body Piercings in Gurgaon Delhi, Ear Piercing, Naval Piercing
Places for Body Piercings in Gurgaon Delhi
Are you looking for Body Piercing, Ear Piercing Shop in Gurgaon or in Delhi-NCRIndia ?
Just Visit "Angel Tattoo Design Studio - ph: 88266 02967" in Gurgaon-Near IFFCO Chowk and in Delhi-Rajouri Garden Main Market.
Piercing at "Angel Tattoo Design Studio" is based on APP (Association of professional piercers).We have professional Piercer who who are specialized into : Ear Piercing, Nose Piercing, Naval Piercing, Lip Piercing, Tongue Piercing, Nipple piercing and many more advance piercings.
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List of Phone number and Contact Details of Body Piercing Shop in Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR India : 

Body Piercing in Gurgaon-Delhi-India, Ear Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing, Naval Piercing
Contact Details for Body Piercing

Angel Tattoo Design Studio : Phone/ Mobile Number : 88266 02967
Mobile Number of Satty Piercer : 9818284355
Mobile Number of Jerry Piercer : 88266 02966
Mobile Number of Amit Piercer : 88266 02963
e.mail id : info@tattooinindia.com
website : www.tattooinindia.com

Ear Piercings Technique, Ear Piercing in Gurgaon, Ear Piercing in Delhi
Methods of Ear Piercings

Methods to perform Body Piercings :

Since ancient time, piercing is done in various tribes or cultures with different techniques or material. Each tribe in India indeed had unique method for Piercings. Basic piercings, like Earlobe piercings, Helix and Cartilage Piercings, Nose Piercings were the most common piercings.
1st) With Lemon Tree Throne : In some villages or remote areas in India, people still do basic piercings at home with a throne of Lemon Tree. A mature throne of Lemon Tree is used to pierce the skin and it stay in the skin till piercing is not healed nicely. Some experts let the throne dry for some days before it used for piercing, which really help to make the piercing process less pain full (visit www.tattooinindia.com or call 88266 02967 to know more).

Body Piercing Techniques,How To Do Piercings
Body Piercing Techniques
2nd) With Metal Hand Sewing Needle : This is again an old technique, but still used in some remote areas of India where Hand Sewing Needle is boiled in water sterile it. Needle is then used to pass a thick sewing thread through Nostril or Earlobe. Sewing thread is then given a knot to make a complete circle which stay in the body part till the piercing is under healing. Once healed, thread is replaced with some local made jewelry. Turmeric Powder with mustered oil is used as after care for fast healing of piercing.
Myth is also to avoid some kinds of foods like White Chick Peas (white chane), Bengal Gram Split (chane ki dal) etc.(visit www.tattooinindia.com or call 88266 02967 to know more)

Body Piercing Techniques, How to do Ear Piercings at Home
Body Piercing Techniques
3rd) With Neem Tree (Azadirachte Indica) Pick : Neem has a natural healing power and it gives protection from all possible infections during piercing healing. Experts also says that no need to use Turmeric Powder or Mustered Oil for healing if piercing is done with Need Tree wood. Piercing method is same as Lemon Three Throne, with just to replace the throne with a small piece of Need Wood. A mature wood piece is used, and made sharp enough to pierce the skin directly.

4th) Metal wire : Metal wire for piercing is used majorly is these days in almost all cities of India. Being easy to perform and easily available material, mostly gold smith, jewelers and small shop keepers use this technique. Metal wire to sued to pierce the body part and kept it till the time piercing is under healing. Once healed, wire is replaced with jewelry per individual's choice. Metal wire made of steel, or silver,or gold is used.

5th) Gun Shot Piercings : To make piercing process easier and friendly to un-trained shop keepers and piercers, Gun Shot Technique was invented and became favorite in cities very quickly. A gun designed for piercing us used which help in shooting the piercing stud directly through the skin. 

All methods we discussed in detail above have some or the other limitations. Gun Shot piercing taking major place these days, But Body Piercing Experts DO NOT Recommend this method because :
- Stud is directly pierced through the skin with shooting force from gun which rapture/damage the skin and results in more chances of piercing infections and longer healing period.
- Not all piercings, like advance piercings : Naval piercing, Tragus piercings can be done with Gun Shot.

Metal Wire or other traditional methods has basic sterilization issues. Again only basic piercings can be done, and chances of infection are much more here.

Body Piercing Techniques, Professional Body Piercings
Professional Body Piercings
To overcome all these limitations, "Association of Professional Piercers" came in light, who have designed the guidelines of most effective and sterile way of Body Piercing. APP Based piercings is done by Trained Body Piercers all over world in Good Tattoo Studios and Piercing Shops. Here are the benefits of APP Based Piercing over all Traditional methods :
- Whole process of Piercing is done wearing medically approve Gloves.
- Piercing is done using Single Use, Pre-Pack, Pre-Sterilized Body Piercing Needle. Needle is always taken out from sealed packaging in front of customer.
- 316-L Surgical Steel Jewelry  is used after piercing, which minimize the chances of reaction or infection.
- Numbing Spray's and Numbing Gel are available to make piercing process least painful.
- All kind of piercings, right from basic Piercings to Advance Body Piercings can be done with this technique.
- Piercings done by APP methods heals fast compare to any other technique.

Please visit my website www.tattooinindia.com to know more about us