10 Feb 2013

Phoenix Tattoo Designs and Its Meaning

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Phoenix Tattoo Designs,Birds tattoo designs,freedom tattoo designs
Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix is one of the most meaningful tattoo. Phoenix tattoo stands for resurrection. Phoenix bird is the only creature that takes birth from its own ashes. So it represents rebirth or a new beginning which is derived from the ashes of the past. Phoenix Tattoos also stands for renewal, winning over difficulties.

Here is an example of Phoenix Tattoo i made on Back neck.

Phoenix is a mythological Bird, It is said that Phoenix has very long life. They live more than 100 years, and at ending your of the life, before giving up the life, Phoenix make a nest with some rare seeds, leafs which helps in burning the body of this bird after death
Phoenix Tattoo Designs
For Phoenix Tattoo Designs
. It is believed that seeds and leafs slowly burn the body, and leave ashes from which new Phoenix birds take birth.
As burning or the body helps in re-birth of this bird, so Phoenix Tattoos are many time designed with flames at bottom, or with some bright colors like red, yellow, orange.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs are available in various form,like simple tribal designs to colorful shading phoenix tattoo designs.

Both Men and Women can get a phoenix tattoo. Back Shoulder or bicep or calf are the best places for this design.

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Phoenix Tattoo Designs
For Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix Tattoo Designs
For Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix Tattoo Designs
For Phoenix Tattoo Designs



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